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 The flash starts program is offered to local school students as an introduction into the metal fabrication industry and provides career pathway opportunities. Flash starts has been developed as an infrastructure skills legacy program and will hopefully continue from year to year with the support of Training Services NSW.


This program has allowed students to get involved and take an interest in our trade, where 10 students per school attend Belmore Engineering to participate in fabricating a fire pit, assisted by Jared Hamilton, Dean Hensley, Brayden Walsh, Ethan Kelly and Chase Elford from Belmore Engineering who guided them through the fire pit project.

This year we had 6 Schools Participate in Flash Starts Program, from our regional area including:

  • Farrer Agricultural Memorial High School

  • Peel High School

  • Calrossy Anglican School

  • Tamworth High School

  • McCarthy Catholic High School

  • Oxley High School

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