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Our Capabilities

Belmore Engineering specialises in completing structural steel and metalwork for large projects in the retail, health, government and mining sectors.

With a vast array of machinery and equipment, Belmore Engineering can perform the following tasks:


  • Structural Steel

  • Metal Fabrication

  • CNC Drilling, marking and sawing

  • CNC Plasma Beamline Services

  • CNC Plasma cutting to 50mm

  • Guillotine work up to 8mm plate

The latest addition to our workshop is the Voortman V630, V1050 and V808M. These 3 CNC machines are integrated together to form a processing line capable of all beam processing requirements. The Voortman production line easily achieves accurate processing of channel, universal beams, RHS and angle. The production line has the ability for complex and custom cutting including drilling, sawing, marking, coping, counter sinking, tapping, slots, blockouts and most 3D shapes.

The Voortman V630 has 3 independent drilling heads for fabricators that need maximum output. The machine can drill both flanges and the web at the same time, significantly reducing labour hours and operating costs during production. Each drilling unit has its own 5-piece automatic tool changer for carbide tipped drilling, HSS drilling, thread-tapping, countersinking, layout marking, or centerpoint marking all on one process list.


The 808 is the market leading plasma coping system, with 8 axes. The 808 makes it possible to cut and mark all four sides of a steel member, meaning a much quicker process for the production of beams



This Voortman line has provided Belmore Engineering with cutting edge technology and industry leading efficiency. The cutting, drilling and marking of steel beams and members is usually performed by hand which is rather time consuming and leaves room for error. As the Voortman is computerised, it provides a more efficient timeframe and increased accuracy.

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