WHS & Environment

Workplace Health & Safety

Belmore Engineering is committed to Workplace Health & Safety and the environment. The Workplace Health & Safety of persons employed by Belmore Engineering, contractors, visitors and others is of utmost importance. Compliance with legislations and specific site/client requirements is a top priority. The promotion and maintenance of Workplace Health & Safety is primarily the responsibility of our HR Manager.

All levels of management are required to contribute to the Health & Safety of all persons in the workplace. Management is also responsible for the development, implementation, review processes and consultation with employees in regards to Belmore Engineering’s Workplace Health & Safety Plan. All employees are required to cooperate with Belmore Engineering’s Workplace Health & Safety Plan to ensure their own Health & Safety and that of others.

Zero Harm

We are committed to achieving Zero Harm, which means zero injuries. 
We are committed to achieving this for everyone. This includes employees, contractors, suppliers and anyone who comes into contact with Belmore Engineering. To achieve this, we recognise that everyone needs to take responsibility for not only their own safety, but also the safety of others. We encourage a positive safety culture within our organisation. Whilst ensuring legal compliance, we seek to apply industry best practice for Workplace Health & Safety.


Like most companies, the environment is an ever-growing focus of Belmore Engineering. We comply with appropriate legislation and specific site/client requirements regarding the environment. We dispose of all waste correctly and recycle where possible.